30th November 2021

Chester held it’s annual netball presentation to celebrate a great year of netball and award individual players success.

A massive congratulations to the following players who received awards:

Buds:  Player of the Year: Esme Williams    Most Improved: Faith Barlow-Gambles

U8′s: Player of the Year: lexi Evans Davies     Most Improved: Aimee McGuiness

U9′s:  Player of the Year: Molly Davies and Anna Walker     Most Improved: Ruby Thomas

U10′s: Player of the Year: Lois Cormac    Most Improved: Grace Gambles-Barlow

U11′s: Player of the Year: Isobel Hunt    Most Improved: Megan Fenwick

U12′s: Performance squad:  Player of the Year: Jess Sedman   Most Improved: Eve Cooper

Development squad: Player of the Year: Olivia King    Most Improved: Abby Morgan/ Sophie Gough

U13′s: Player of the Year: Isobel Hunt   Most Improved: Megan Fenwick

Development squad: Player of the Year: Niamh McCartan         Most Improved:  Katie Stanworth   Players Player: Gracie  Quinnost

U14′s:   Player of the Year: Cerys Green      Most Improved: Olivia Hickson   Players Player: Olivia Hickson

Development Squad: Player of the Year: Olivia Shrubb/ Freya Barge    Most Improved: Jasmine Steele/ Eva Gerrard

U15′s:   Coaches Player: Liv Franks   Most Improved: Maisie Williams  Players Player: Ellie Saunders

See Junior gallery for pics!!